A few things from college

okay, yes, i realize that i have not blogged in ages.

but i'm not about to hash out the details of the past eight months in a single blog post.

that being said, here are a few things i've learned from college:

1. Taking a nap in the grass on your yoga mat is actually totally fine
no one cares! in fact, there are at least four other people doing basically the same thing at any given time. at some point i'm totally having a picnic and inviting everyone. (can you say "potluck"?)
2. The library is so not for readers of fiction
that library is so darn deceptive! there are like four floors of books for research. because the internet doesn't exist or anything. (okay, so i'm not against libraries dedicated to research. but come on, at least blatantly advertise that's why it exists before I walk in expecting books i take an interest in.)
3. Bringing a hairbrush to school is a perfectly good idea
...until it tangles with headphones, hair ties, and rubber bands alike (i actually have no clue how a rubber band found its way into my bag)
4. No one makes friends as easily as they think they will
no one. fortunately i'm very sociable and have accumulated a small group of friends with whom i can eat lunch with. most of these friendships were not created by me going out of my way to say hi. Narri's in three of my classes, K-Vee was her roommate, i was in a car accident with Pedro, and Heather's just really talkative.
5. You can wear sweatpants or dresses and fit in either way
you will not be looked down on. (no, i have not worn sweatpants myself, thank goodness.)
6. Everyone has hickeys
everyone. it's not even on mondays, either, so the weekend isn't an excuse. it's mostly on wednesdays. this one girl had a hickey the size of mars last week, it was crazy. and this one kid just walked by me with one the size of my thumb.
7. Switching seats is frowned upon... literally.
i sat by the wall the other day and was glared at by the entire row of people that switched sections for the day because i messed up their seating arrangements. it was weird.
8. Backpacks are not as cool as tote bags, no matter how many books you carry
also backpacks give you mean back sweat, which is disgusting.
i began carrying a tote bag by the second week of school.
9. No amount of shade can keep you from sweating
it's like the sun decides to target students without any means of transportation other than walking.
whyyyyy, sun, whyyyyy?!
10. The food is never too low quality to keep you from eating it
i'm always hungry on campus. always. my savior during class when my stomach starts to sound like an earthquake is chewing gum. chewing gum and water.

aaaaaaand that's it!

happy wednesday:)


happy february!

^^still figuring out how to take good pictures while moving. bear with me ;)^^

Happy February!

Yesterday Meme and Papa visited us.
As excited as the kids were, Hannah especially would not be stopped from heading to the park.
Walks are becoming a regular part of our day.

It probably helps that my kids love to play with their neighborhood friends!
I met another nanny a couple of days ago, and it's worked out fabulously since.

I got Hannah up from her nap earlier that day and was led to the ottoman, where we sat for a couple of minutes.
She was less than happy when Joey came over with his toy dinosaur, explaining how it ate things.
"Joey, why do you talk so much??" she asked incredulously.
It's funny how fast she changes and recognizes things she used to do in other kids.
It's also a little sad.
Stay five years old and always blow me kisses, okay?




^^"i'm super tall, right?"^^

As you can see, Caleb is especially excited about the giant ruler on the wall.
(and not just because it's great for banging on)

Today was pretty successful.
Hannah said "I love you" at least four times, which was beyond sweet.
I even got her to sit still and actually smile for a picture.
(usually she just shows all her teeth. seriously, all of them.)

Somehow Joey didn't get many pictures today.
Probably because as soon as he was finished snack, we headed for the park again.

Parks are awesome.
At this point, I could write an entire post about them.
The one we go to is just a field with a gazebo, and it works wonders.
All they do is run, and they love it!
Why did I not think of it before??

In other news, Caleb is convinced that he knows how to use the phone.
He finds it quite entertaining.



we're back ;)

So I figured I should get back to blogging.
As cute as these kids are, not everyone on Facebook wants to see a million pictures of them.
I've got to share them somewhere!

^^there are more, but they wouldn't fit into the collage^^

See what I mean?

(and can you tell that I'm still figuring out how to take pictures while walking and pushing a stroller?)

~ New and exciting things that happened today: ~

We took a walk! It was my first one with kids.

We spent a little bit of time in someone else's driveway while Joey hid behind a plant... (he didn't nap very well.) -_-
Other than that, I'm pretty sure he thinks he's Flash with the way he never sits still ;)
Maybe he'll join the track team in high school.

Hannah got the training wheels off of her bike. She's still learning to ride it, but she's so excited!

Caleb loved pushing the stroller around.
And can we please talk about how sucked into Micky he gets??

^^it's adorable :)^^



collage day :)

Collage days are so nice.
Something about the moments that some photographs capture makes me happy.

I'm planning a dinner party for tomorrow night, so hopefully I'll get some good pictures up by Monday!



the first week of november

Happy November!

As promised, I have more pictures of the Lakeside Baptist fall fest:


Today the fundraiser Aunt Becky has been planning for what seems like forever finally happened!
Hannah wanted to build a soccer field for kids in Burundi, Africa, and her mama made her wish come true!
We met our goal, and then some.

I painted my face.

Have a lovely weekend!



fall fest weekend

Happy Halloween!

My Hannah is so indecisive.
I can't relate to that at all.

Joey, enjoying the ride.

Cotton candy!
I like to describe it as "magical clouds of sugar that melt in your mouth".

Elizabeth, with her scarecrow face paint.
(and me, with my dancing candy corn.)

This was one of the best days for a hammock.

The weekend was so fun. :)
The weather was great (if a little windy) for Fall fest... both times!

The Holy Family festival was very well done, with a ferris wheel and everything.
They really went the whole nine yards.
I can't wait to go again next year!

Hopefully I'll be able to get more pictures of Lakeside Baptist's fall festival.
It was also very well done, and included Trunk or Treat.
(people decorate the trunks of their cars as stations for handing out candy. It's like Trick or Treating, but more organized... and with cars.)

The weekend was also filled with my dear friend, Elizabeth.
I will miss her sorely when she moves back to Alabama.

On another note, I am quite proud of myself for mailing both a package and a letter today.
I write letters and thank you notes quite often, but consistently forget to send them.
Mornings are not my thing.

Speaking of mornings, I found the perfect recipe for breakfast this week!
(assuming I can find time to make it, that is.)

How delicious does Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip Cake sound?
And even better....
it's vegan.
The great thing is that supposedly you can't even tell how good it is for you!
I can't wait to try it.

Have a fantastic Halloween!
I'll post pictures of my costume later on.